Tiger Meet – Kleine Brogel Spottersday 2009

The annual spottersday during the Tiger Meet at Kleine Brogel, Belgium, attracted an enormous crowd of photographers from across Europe. The perfect weather and colourful paint schemes provided an excellent day out.

With no ‘general public’ to get in the way, apart from a few stepladders in the front row, the atmosphere was perfect. There were two mass launches and recoveries with returning aircraft taxiing back along the crowd-line whenever possible.

Aircraft from France, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic and the Netherlands were complemented by Czech, Italian, Belgian and British helicopters. The amount of flying meant that, apart from about an hour, there was almost continuous activity.

Kleine Brogel has an excellent reputation for hosting these events, judging by the large crowds this will only grow next time.

Many aircraft perform at the nearby Sanicole airshow over the weekend before resuming the exercise.

Peter Davison

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Peter Davison is an aviation author and editor from the United Kingdom.