Tactical Leadership Programme 2012


This was the first flying day of this exercise; the base itself is home to the Spanish Air Force, flying Mirage F1EE and Typhoon aircraft. Spain was not participating in this exercise and it was mid afternoon before briefings were complete and a one hour mission commenced.

There are good vantage points at both ends of the runway though the light is generally better in the mornings.

These exercises often attract participants from rarely seen forces; Turks, Greeks and Poles have been known to arrive but this one was limited to the French, German, Italian and UK forces. Supporting transports usually arrive and depart at the beginning and end of the programme which can be held about six times a year. It was previously held at Florennes in Belgium but Spain definitely offers better weather and therefore more mission opportunities.

Providing photographs do not include the airfield and its infrastructure the authorities seem very tolerant of enthusiasts on the perimeter. A co-located civil terminal and Eurocopter plant add interest to the weekday movements.

Peter Davison

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