Public Affairs Visit To JG73

26 June 2013 This was an opportunity to see the based Typhoons of JG73 in action with full access o the two 'barn' areas that have replaced hardened shelters in the post cold-war era. the shelters at Laage still stand as a stark reminder but are now used for storage only. their MiG-29 Fulcrums having passed first to the Luftwaffe and now to various museums across Europe.

Le Bourget Paris Airshow 2013

17-23 June 2013 This year's Salon was a very different affair, lacking as it did any presence from the United States military who were suffering from the limitations of sequestration. With a large portion of their defence capability grounded or stood down funds could not be allocated for airshow appearances at home or abroad. Other nations willingly took their place, particularly the Russian Federation displaying the Sukhoi Su-35, the first time this upgraded version of the famous 'flanker' had been displayed in the west. it was accompanied by the Yak 130 and Superjet 100 plus the impressive Kamov 52 helicopter gunship designed to replace the 'hind'.

100th Anniversary of Dutch Aviation

14-15th June 2013 This eagerly awaited airshow attracted a good variety of military and historic aircraft and thousands of spectators, particularly on the Saturday. Arrangements were good though a long detour in and out was needed to reach the car parks. They were close enough to walk in to the base without buses.

AeroExpo 2013

31 May - 2 June 2013 AeroExpo is now firmly established as a premier general aviation event in the UK. Around a thousand light aircraft visit over the three days which, this year, were blessed with fair weather. Numerous other pilots and enthusiasts flock to see the latest products and enjoy the show deals.