AIRE75 Torrejon

11 October 2014

The Ejercito del Aire, Spanish air Force, celebrated its 75th anniversary with this major airshow coupled with a flypast the following day over central Madrid on Spain’s National Day. The organisation was a little disorganized. Early information announced the venue as Getafe, still in Madrid, but now home to the Airbus MRTT finishing centre. In mid summer this changed to Torrejon with its enormous ramp area normally populated with the VIP flight, the Canadair water bombers and 12 squadron with EF18 Hornets.

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NATO TLP Albacete

NATO Tactical Leadership Programme

Albacete Air Base, Spain

15 September – 10 October 2014

The visit was made in the fourth week of the exercise which was blessed with good flying weather and a westerly wind. Local authorities were considerate and, since the harvest was already gathered in, landowners were considerate in allowing the many photographers to gather near the runway approach paths. In week four only afternoon sessions are flown.

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AAD2014 Waterkloof Airshow

African Aerospace & Defence

17-21 September 2014-10-14

AFB Waterkloof, Pretoria, RSA

This eagerly awaited airshow enjoyed good weather and massed public attendance. Waterkloof is home to the Government flight, the transport and communications squadrons of the South African Air Force. There were concerns that, due to harsh financial conditions in recent years, the military participation would be limited.

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EAA AirVenture Fly-in – Oshkosh 2014

28 July – 3 August 2014

The EAA, or Experimental Aircraft Association holds it annual gathering and, more importantly, the World’s largest Fly-In, in Wisconsin USA every summer. Thousands of light aircraft, including warbirds and homebuilts, descend on Whitman Field, Oshkosh to socialise, inspire and exchange knowledge. There are sales chalets, educational seminars, construction workshops and entertainment for a whole week.

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