Paris Salon 2019

Paris Air Show 2019, Le Bourget, France 17-23 June 2019 Report by Peter Davison and Colin Coulthard Following some rather erratic wet weather in the region it was a pleasure to see some sunshine at this year's show. Well attended despite some gloomy forecasts for the industry and the ongoing problems with some engine safety and the numerous issues at Boeing. No 737MAX to show but a public debut for the long awaited KC-46 tanker in Europe. The commercial highlights fell to Europe with new Airbus types dominant and a star turn from the Russian Beriev water bombing amphibian.

Volkel Airshow 2019

Royal Netherlands Air Force Display, Volkel AB, 14-15 June 2019 Report by Peter Davison and Colin Coulthard The Volkel show always attracts interesting visitors, large crowds and numerous attractions. This year was well up to standard, particularly highlighting the very recent arrival of F-35 Lightnings for the Dutch Air Force. The weather had been wet and changeable but brightened up on cue for Friday afternoon in particular. The based F-16 Fighting Falcon squadrons putting up ten aircraft for an airfield attack along with troops and helicopters, flares and pyro-technics.

Daks over Normandie 2019

Duxford, Cambridgeshire, UK 2-5th June 2019 Report by Peter Davison and Colin Coulthard As the home of the Imperial War Museum and Duxford Aviation Society the venue need little introduction. This rare gathering of airworthy Douglas Dakotas had been eagerly awaited as the setting off location for a re-enactment of the mass air drop of parachutists in Normandy on D-Day to commemorate the 75th Anniversary on 6th June 2019. This airborne and seaborne invasion enabling the allied powers to secure a presence on the European mainland; thereby assisting in the liberation of Europe and the end of World War Two.