EBACE 2022


European Business Aviation Exhibition, Geneva PALEXPO 23-25 May 2022

Report by Peter Davison & Colin Coulthard

A welcome return post Covid for this international showcase for Business Aviation. Given the downturn for Commercial Airlines there is now a growth spurt for Executive travel with new models and ranges heralding various innovations.


All the major manufacturers have announced or are developing larger models with the Global 7500, Falcon 8X and Airbus 220CJ leading the way. Combined with this is a green revolution with Synthetic Aviation Fuel initiatives across the developed world being seen as a way of ‘cleaning up’ the image of prestige air travel.


Alongside this is the concept of flying cars with a few examples on show. It is interesting that all that aerodynamic research to create a streamlined profile disappears once the folded rotor structure sits on the ‘car’ roof resembling a badly packed roof rack. More work required here let alone the air traffic complications on the world’s low level ‘airways’.


A less conspicuous news story was the Ukrainian War and the sanctions imposed on Russian owned and operated business jets now outlawed in the west. Examples are now parked up on airport ramps or left in Russia with no legal care and maintenance. This interruption may eventually rule them out for sale or re-use as suppliers withdraw monitoring and control.


At the lower occupancy end of the market the Eclipse and Cirrus jet now features in regular traffic finding a niche, particularly on short haul routes where luxury is replaced by practicality and economy when compared to commercial first class costs in cost and time.


The world may be a very different place by the next show in 2023, one can only wait expectantly for the year ahead.

Peter Davison

About Peter Davison

Peter Davison is an aviation author and editor from the United Kingdom.