NATO TLP Albacete

NATO Tactical Leadership Programme Albacete Air Base, Spain 15 September – 10 October 2014 The visit was made in the fourth week of the exercise which was blessed with good flying weather and a westerly wind. Local authorities were considerate and, since the harvest was already gathered in, landowners were considerate in allowing the many photographers to gather near the runway approach paths. In week four only afternoon sessions are flown.

NATO Tiger Meet 2014

Each year the NATO Tiger Meet brings together as many squadrons as possible that include a ‘big cat’ in their squadron motif. Over the years the development of weatherproof adhesive vinyl has allowed more innovative and complex colour schemes to be applied to ‘Tiger’ aircraft and inspired squadron ‘artists’ to run riot in demonstrating their creative skills.

Frisian Flag Exercise 2013

15-26 April 2013 Leeuwarden Air Base, Netherlands In a similar style to last year, European military airmen gathered in northern Holland to train for realistic combat operations flying two sorties a day spread over two weeks. This year participants were slightly reduced with the United Kingdom and Finland deciding not to attend. However, Leeuwarden and hundreds of enthusiasts witnessed arrivals from Belgium, Poland and the Netherlands (F-16s), Germany (Typhoons), France (Mirage 2000 and F1CRs) and Sweden (Gripens). Other participants included a civilian agency Learjet 36A from Skyline Aviation and the Dutch Hercules providing a slow moving target for interceptions. Other command and control assets deploy from their home bases.