Meeting Nationale de L’Air 2011

18-19 June 2011 Despite heavy rain and the commitments in north Africa the meeting at St Dizier was well attended by the public and aircraft from many nations. A reasonable amount of based Rafale fighters were in the static display along with, in particular, two Skyhawks from the Singapore Air Force detachment at Cazeaux, a Polish Su-22 Fitter in Tiger marks and three items from the Czech Republic; a Hind helicopter, Gripen fighter and a newly delivered Cn295 transport.

100 years of French Naval Aviation

This centenary provided an opportunity to stage one of the finest military airshows France has seen. On 13th June, not only did the base at Hyeres open its doors but three aircraft carriers, from Spain, France and the USA, anchored off in the bay near Toulon providing extra items for the show. The flying display was roughly chronological so the real noise and excitement enjoyed the late afternoon sun with the crowd to the west this was excellent for photography. Most exhibits launched toward the crowd before displaying over the south-north runway.

Aero-Expo at Menara Airport

This four day event, 27-30 January is the second of its type, only the final day is open to the public. Menara is the main airport, accessible to no-frills airlines and well connected to both France and Spain. There is a small flying club and a business jet ramp. The event is held on the northern, military side of the single runway and only a small portion is accessible to visitors. Photography is into the sun all day though the static display, although small and densely parked, is well lit, particularly in the morning.