Le Bourget Paris Airshow 2013

17-23 June 2013

This year’s Salon was a very different affair, lacking as it did any presence from the United States military who were suffering from the limitations of sequestration. With a large portion of their defence capability grounded or stood down funds could not be allocated for airshow appearances at home or abroad. Other nations willingly took their place, particularly the Russian Federation displaying the Sukhoi Su-35, the first time this upgraded version of the famous ‘flanker’ had been displayed in the west. it was accompanied by the Yak 130 and Superjet 100 plus the impressive Kamov 52 helicopter gunship designed to replace the ‘hind’.

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Paris Airshow Le Bourget 2011

20-26 June 2011

This year’s Paris show was dominated by news from Europe. Sales for Airbus but another wing strike for the A380 and gearbox issues on the A400M.

Boeings sent two new 747s on there first international outing for the public. It is reassuring to see that the famous shape lives on.

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