UK Grand Prix Helicopters


Turweston Airfield, Buckinghamshire, England, Sunday 3rd July 2022

Report by Peter and Kim Davison

Turweston is unusual in these days of General Aviation airfield closures in that it has grown in status over the last decade. This is partly due to it being the Headquarters of Britain’s Light Aircraft Association (LAA) with a new tower, restaurant plus enhanced library and training facilities on site.


It is also very close to the Silverstone Formula One racing circuit so provides park and ride for ground based visitors and a helicopter shuttle for those that can afford it and some of those involved in this annual showcase event.


Having witnessed the increasing public interest in the helicopter operations a very realistic fundraising opportunity offers a ‘walkaround’ around race-time when enthusiasts and photographers can be guided along the lines of parked helicopters in return for a donation to the local Air Ambulance Charity. A superb example of compassion and cooperation that other events might learn from.


Two AW139s provided the air shuttle and a host of small and mid-size helicopters are present, some based at farms or country estates and others at airfield across the country. The airfield is also home to various maintenance organisations and this expertise allows some heritage projects, the restored Beagle Pup prototype project in 2021 and a Westland Scout more in keeping with the rotary nature of this event.

Peter Davison

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